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            Foshan ENOU Combustion Control Technology Co.,ltd. &  Foshan ENOU Elcetrical Co.,ltd.
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            Model: AGV
            Name : Gas pressure reducing valve
              4 Elements for Selection of Pressure Reducing Valve
            type of gas, inlet pressure, outlet pressure, flow

            Applicable gas types for AGV pressure reducing valve: natural gas, city gas, LPG and biomethane

            Film made of imported high-quality butadiene-acrylonitrile rubber, with strong resistance to corrosion and flexible reaction

            AGV15R-AGV50R, threaded connection, max inlet pressure 1bar, no need for pressure feedback tube, ordinary outlet pressure spring 25-70mbar,60-150mbar

            AGV65F-AGV150F, flange connection, max inlet pressure 4bar, interface RP3/8 (at a distance about 5 times of tube caliber) for pressure feedback tube (provided for product supply and no need for additional purchase), ordinary outlet pressure spring: 60-110mbar,70-150mbar

            Complying with the air flow direction, the pressure reducing valve is installed in level or vertical pipe. No erection stress allowed. A 20mm distance at least should be kept from brickwork or wall

            Outlet pressure increases on clockwise rotation and decreases on anticlockwise rotation.












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